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    We offer our clients a variety of different fee arrangements and payment terms.

    We understand that your net legal costs must make sense for you. For most of our clients, our fees are tax deductible which reduces your net legal costs.

    Disbursements are extra and HST is applicable to both fees and disbursements.

    Different Fee Arrangements:

    • Initial Consultation - Fixed Amount:
    • Retainer - Minimum Amount:
    • Hourly Rate Arrangement:
    • Fixed Amount Arrangement:
    • Results Based Arrangement:
    • Payment Terms.

    Initial Consultation - Fixed Amount:

    This is a fixed fee of $ 450, plus HST, total $ 508.50. It applies without regard to actual time spent at the initial interview. Best results occur when you have organized all of your material, in date order, and provided it to us in advance of the interview, so that we can better prepare for your meeting.

    Minimum Amount:

    This is a minimum amount which is applicable to most engagements, if retained. The amount is $ 4,500 plus HST, total $ 5,085, payable at the time of retainer. Essentially, this minimum amount represents up to ten hours of work, if required. No refunds if actual time is less than 10 hours. It is paid, in full, before services are rendered. This is a business decision of the firm.

    Hourly Rate Arrangement:

    This is a traditional arrangement which may be suitable for general advice engagements or for an initial detailled assessment of a case.

    Tax Counsel - J. Buote

    $ 450/hr

    Tax Counsel - N.Ranieri 

    $ 350/hr

    Tax Counsel - Adam Serota 

    $ 300/hr

    Research Lawyer $ 300/hr
    Law Clerks      $ 130/hr

    Fixed Amount Arrangement:

    This may be suitable for limited engagements such as Tax Amnesty/VDP or Proposal /Bankruptcy engagements.

    Results Based Arrangement:

    May be suitable when the range of possible outcomes can be reliably quantified and the law firm is prepared to assume the risk of an unfavorable outcome. We work with you to define what success would mean to you. Then we co-operate to develop a unique fee arrangement that you feel is fair for actual results achieved. We agree on how results will be measured and we agree on acceptable security to ensure payment. Generally very popular with clients and lawyers, in the right circumstances.

    Different Fee Arrangements:

    • Be advised; our wives work in our business, on the payment and collections side. They are keen to protect our business interests. We are keen to keep them happy.
    • We require payment in advance for initial consultations.
    • When retained, we require our minimum fee to be paid in full before services are rendered.
    • We require that you will maintain a positive balance in your trust account at all times.
    • We accept cash (subject to law society restrictions of $ 7,500 per client).
    • We accept all credit cards and debit cards.
    • We accept all cheques, bank drafts or certified cheques.
    • We will provide our best estimate of the total anticipated fees. That estimated amount, less the minimum fee paid in advance, may be put on a monthly payment plan.
    • We accept monthly payments and pre-authorized deductions from your credit, debit or bank account.
    • We will be reasonable in setting payment arrangements if your circumstances require a different payment plan.